About Us

At Stafford Cranes, we believe that true success is about more than growing their bank balance. This top-notch group of professionals devote countless hours each year to improving their skills and technical abilities, as well as keeping up to date with all the developments in crane safety. We pass on our knowledge to our customers on terms of good service and a safe working environment for all levels. Our staff have been through many factory training courses, such as Comansa, Terex, Wolff, Jaso, and Jost, as well as having many years of experience in the field. All our employees have been through a rescue at height course and have qualified crane operator instructors as well as riggers and rigger supervisors.

Here in Dubai, we have two teams of erectors that come with technicians. They follow the qualifications to the standard set out by the municipalities of the UAE. Stafford Cranes Dubai  is sometimes brought in by other local  Crane companies and plant departments companies to help with the more complex jobs, where our knowledge and experience is unmatched in the region.    

As a hire company, our all-European fleet stands out from the rest. We guarantee that our fleet has been manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards. We also provide engineering solutions for all your tower crane needs.​