climbing and working at heights 

These pictures show one of our techs on site in Rebigh, Saudi Arabia. We first started to work direct for Terex as they didn't have any factory trained technician available to travel to the Kingdom. At first, it was some service work and first time calibration for some X9 Peiner SK415-20 and X2 CTL 180-16. After the service work was finished, Doosan Engineering employed us on many occasions to help out on site.  

Doosan already had a good team of erectors and technicians who can be seen in some of the pictures. For those who are interested and involved, the SK 415 is one of the best tower cranes available on the market right now.  It has a great combination of technology and simplicity and has less downtime of any tower crane in my opinion.

This is just one of the many projects that have been undertaken the world over for large multi-national companies that have learned to trust our expertise in the field. 


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