National Day 51 2022 

At Stafford Cranes DXB, we are very proud to be selected year after year to provide unique solutions for the national day events, this year we provide a solution with the help of Stage One and People Creative LLC. we provide support for 2 portal doors at the end of each side of the stage,  along with support  for the cables stretched from end to end to provide the lifting effects to look like a tunnel ,  this project was  really interesting as most of the challenges were brand new.

World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017

Special Olympics Opening Ceremony 2019 and 48th National Day - December 2019  National day 50 December  2021 

Special Olympics Opening Ceremony 2019 Abu Dhabi


At Stafford Cranes DXB, we are very proud to be part of some of the biggest events in the region and in the world. We use the specialist skills and experience from years of knowledge in the construction and lifting industry to help build the sets and in particular, the aerial performance aspect to the stage with some of the most professional and respected companies in the events industry.

The pictures above are from the 2019 Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, which we very proudly supplied 4 towers 60 meters high on opposite side of the Zayed Sports Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Pictures below show the build, preparation and testing of the system which carried two athletes to the centre of the stadium with the Olympic flame to start the Special Olympics for the first time in the Middle East.

To ensure the safety of everybody attending, the engineering was done by some of the leading engineers in the field, assuming the load including safety factor of 49.7 KN to the middle of the stadium, a radius of 130 meters. The task was quite a unique challenge, please see the pictures below to explain how we did it. 


Dubai Gold Cup, Horse Race 2015 - 2016, the 700 sq. meter TV, 60 meters  to the top and the 100 meter tower to represent the new tallest residential building

under construction and a few from the World Sky Diving Championships in 2016. expo 2020 dubai , national day 50 hatta dam ,