We are proud to a be an authorized Reseller of Moritsch Cranes . We have known them before they developed their family brand of Comedil cranes which later became part of a multinational company with the CTL and CTT ranges that have  been extremely successful worldwide,

 The Moritsch family has been in the crane industry since 1962. Putting down roots in Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites, means that height and a desire for lifting from the ground and into the sky are part of its DNA.

It was Ferruccio Moritsch who took the first steps, or better, planted the first nails, in Ponte Nelle Alpi in 1962. He then moved to Fontanafredda in the province of Pordenone in 1982. The story is the beating heart of a leading family in the sector, who over half a century has taken part in all the major construction sites in the world: from Singapore to Las Vegas, from Dubai to London.

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