climbing down comansa 21 Lc 550 LAS vegas

Las Vegas Nevada, 2014

​In  early April 2014, Stafford Tower Crane of America has been awarded the contract to remove this Comansa 21 LC 550  from the unfinished hotel  in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  This crane stood at over two hundred and sixty meters high with  seven ties. We removed thirty-eight  D33 tower sections  in 14 days and finally removed the crane from a free standing height of 50 meters in one day.  This crane  was then loaded in containers and sent to New Zealand, where it was quickly erected, and put back to work.

The work was undertaken and  done by five men in total and lasted for approximately fifteen days  to climb out and remove the crane from site.  The crew consisted of three Irish men sent from Burj Tower Cranes FZ LLC Dubai and three men from Stafford Tower Crane of America, local depot in Arizona . Not all men where onsite at the same time. A steady crew of four to five people were onsite everyday. 

This job lay unfinished since the down turn of the US Economy in 2008-2009 and is still unfinished. The crane was bought and sold by a trading company  



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Some pictures from around the world. Please click on any picture you find interesting. There should be a caption to show where the picture was taken and some information regarding the crane type. Burj Tower Cranes and Stafford Cranes in general work with local crews around the world, more often than not, supplied by the construction company. Stafford Cranes are not responsible if some of the people in these pictures are not wearing the correct PPE.

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