Terex Peiner SK126 

Year 1993 

Max lift 8ton 42 meters high

5X5M Static base 

55 Meter Jib 

Location: Dubai Yard in UAE 

Price 65,000 $US 

Great crane very little down time.

More tower available on request.


Potain H30/23c 

Year 1993 

Max lift 12.5 ton

44 meters high 

4.5X4.5 M  travel base 

55 meter jib 

Location: Ras Al Khaimah BTC Yard in UAE 

70.000   $US


Comansa LC5211 

Year 2007 

Max lift 5 ton 

30 meters of tower 

3.8 meter cross base + ballast 

25 meter jib more availabe on request 52 M max

Location: Saudi Arabia 

95,000 $US

Extra jib and tower available  on request 

Pics taken in Ireland, 2010

Here is a relatively current list of tower cranes for sale. Unlike other sites, we like to include price and keep everything  transparent. Please contact us for more details or any other inquiries.

Please click on the green box to view the PDF for the crane specs of each tower crane for sale. Many cranes available EX Europe, good value due to the strength of the currency.

If you are looking for a specific type of crane not listed here, please contact us with the make and model. We can help find what you need from our long list of contacts all over the world.


Updated: 14/12/2016 

Comansa 21 LC 750-36 

Year 2010

Max lift 36 ton 

180 meters of tower with climbing cage 

60 meters of jib

Location: Oman (will return to UAE February  2015)

1,200,000 $US 

Please download the spec sheet below.

Its great modular design makes quick and easy to erect with a smaller mobile crane, more so than any other crane in its class. Extra Jib and tower available on request.



Comansa 10 LC 140 2007/2008 42 meter high 60 meter jib, quick sale 150,000 Euro

Comansa 21 LC 290-18 2004 

Year 2004 max lift 18 ton 

63.1 meters of tower 

74 meter jib 

Comansa LCL 500  luffing crane

Year 2007

Max lift 24 tons 

130 meters tower 

40 meter jib 

climbing cage 

110kw winch high speed  and 110Kw luffing winch 

EX yard Dubai

600,000  $US

Extra 65 meter maximum jib available  on request.

Comansa 21 LC 550 

Year 2005 

Max lift 18 meters 

tower 45 meters 

60 meter jib  

65 kw high speed winch 

Location: Dubai, UAE

400,000 $US 

Extra JIB and tower available on request.

Available November 2015